Sunday, April 3, 2011

Still pregnant!

I don't think it's even been mentioned to me just how backwards some parts of pregnancy can be. I'll shop specifically for something I've wanted all day, only to get a whiff of it and think it disgusting. I'll be full of energy, then fell like I'm going to collapse after a few minutes. I'll be IN THE PROCESS of throwing up and be hungry. I am in bizzaro world.

I've got some nice messages from my friends who are slowly finding out about the baby. Dan has gotten over whatever hurdle he was struggling with and wrote to his extended family, and I'm sure to read him the happy responses, as proof that the world isn't coming to an end over this news.

My lower stomach still feels rather achy. I'm pretty sure the combination of stomach strain from puking and internal stretching from the new little house thats being set up in there is where it's coming from. Before it gets too sore or too big or too uncomfortable, I've been finishing the night's sleep with a good solid stomach spread eagle. I'm not going to lay on my tummy for a while, so I might as well take advantage of it!

The other pressure on my stomach has increased. The three cats have now all deemed it the place to be and I have to fend them off with threats of corn food and unkempt litter boxes. It's no good. I'll think I'll have them all happily off the bed when I go to sleep, only to wake up trapped, all 30+ pounds of cat distributed across my body. "Dan!" He'll wake up and move them off me so I can both move and not have them pushing on my bladder. (Do you notice how none of them want to sleep on the snoring beast?)

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