Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Early November

This is where Harp likes to eat her snack now. 

She can peel her own clementines, once you get it started.

She just had her 2 year well visit at the doc, and she's 34 inches tall and a whopping 27lbs 14 oz. 

Harper received this cart for her birthday, and tried to help put it together, now before she pushes it around, she persistently want to get the screwdriver, and "fix" it.  It's adorable.

She is also a fan of the squirt bottle.  She was cleaning the floors for about 20 minutes.  Win!

"Smiling" for the camera in her new headband from Trish.

And enjoying a cracker in Grandma Nee's new hat. 

This sweatshirt may be next year's Halloween costume.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

And POOF! She's 2

 We had a great time celebrating Harper for her 2nd birthday.  Friends joined us at their leisure from 10a-2p and she just loved it! 

 Running around the house, playing with her new sleeping bag (handmade by Grandma Linda!), attempting somersaults with Oscar, playdoh with Finnegan and Cosette, and visiting with her big friends too. 

As of yesterday, Harper is 34 inches tall, 27 pounds.  She loves coloring, painting, the seek and find book from cousin Owen, and climbing on top of everything!  

 And just one year ago, she was this little butterball!