Sunday, November 25, 2012

No Clothes Sunday and Over-Clothed Saturday

 Harper thought she'd take a break from clothes this evening.  For a bit tonight, I didn't fight it and let her roam the house in her birthday suit.
 Since she's got the hang of walking, it has been increasingly challenging to get a diaper on her.  She is a wiggly-squiggle little hell raiser, and after our drive home today, she needed to get some of that energy out!  So she (almost) ran around the house.  At the moment, her top speed is a quick wobble.
 She can also climb on all of the furniture.  The last island of refuge is our bed, but she is experimenting with stepping up on the side rail, so it too will be conquered.

Other cuteness to share is Harper in her cold weather body coat on Saturday:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting settled in

 We are big fans of our new place.  There is room to roam, but more importantly, Harper has her own space.  She is getting used to our new schedule of things.  Up between 6:30-7, nap about 10A for an hour, nap again at 2P for about an hour, then bed about 7P. 

 She loves her room.  There are all sorts of fun things at places she can reach.  Dan thought to put her board books on the floor and her paper-paged books higher for longevity. I agreed it was best for the time. 

 (Thanks Grandma Linda for the new birthday tops!) 

Friday, November 16, 2012

One year doc. visit

Harper had her 1 year well visit check up.  Good news!  She is well!

She is 22 lbs. 8 oz and 30. 5 inches long.  Head size is 18.25 inches.  All this puts her in roughly the 84-86% overall. 

She had three shots which went over as expected, but she absolutely hated the brush-on fluoride they put on her teeth.  Back arch and screaming!  She was a read faced fury until she tasted the stuff.  Apparently it is akin to bubblegum.  I didn't taste it personally. 

We were reprimanded for forgetting her daily dose of Vitamin D.  I'm still nursing her, so it makes sense that we should have continued its use.  We can start her on cow's milk, but until she goes off momma milk, we will need to supplement.

And, even though the sheet they gave us for what to expect in the 12-15 month range says we can turn the car seat forward facing, our doc says they now recommend kids in rear facing seats until she is two.  Sorry Harp.  One more year of craning your neck to see what's going on.

The weather was in the mid 50's and sunny today.  Harp and I took a stroll down the sidewalk outside one of our shopping complexes after getting more baby wipes.  She was flirting will all the sales ladies and enjoying the cracks in the sidewalk.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

More pictures from Harp's birthday

Photos courtesy of Linda Swift

Some new favorite things, cat doors and zebras

 One of the features of our new place is a cat door.  It is in the back door out of our kitchen, and closes off the stairs that lead outside and to the basement.  It's appeal is two fold: we can keep the stinky cat accessories out of sight/smell, and Harper won't take a tumble. 

And, when Harper knows we are down stairs, she will wait at the cat door and peek her head in to greet on our return to the kitchen! 

 Harper also has a new friend we've named Tula.  Her auntie Nora gave it to her for her birthday, and it has quickly risen to the top of her plush friends.  She will wave her little hooves, and kiss her.  And as the video shows, she loves to give snugly hugs.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Harper playing with technology!

Harper is 1!!!

Yesterday was Harper's 1st birthday.  We kept things relatively under control, with no big party and only a few friends over.  Ayla and Taylor came over in the morning and started off the day with tutu's warm sweaters and wonderful books! 

I decorated cupcakes while Harp watched football with dad.

We got some calls from family wishing Harp happy birthday, and I was barely tolerated with the camera :) 

 Then Grandma Linda, Grandpa Gus, and Auntie Nora came from Chicago!  We opened presents and had cupcakes!  ( I need to get some pictures from Grandma Linda of hands were full!)

 Harper's best friend, Oscar, came over with is his mom and dad.  They are such a hoot together!  Grandpa Gus and Grandma Linda got Harper her very own dinosaur!  She is still getting the hang of how to wrangle it. 

 Audrey and Greg, with Oscar and Harp!  Such a full year with this family.  It was great being pregnant together, and it's great being parents together.  Thanks everyone for a great day!

 Happy birthday my sweet girl!  

Saturday, November 3, 2012


 Harper's 1st Halloween!  We had zero plans to dress up, then the day before I went to Target and found this cute gnome get-up on sale for $5!  How could I pass it up!  We added the dotted leggings and sweater (it was cold!) and went out with Harper's best friend, Oscar. 

We didn't go door-to-door, but instead went to The Ewing Manor for a shindig for wee ones.  There were some photo stops and two candy stops, but as you can see, the kids had a blast regardless of their candy haul. 
 It was only about 20 minutes of activity, but Harper was ready to go by the end.  PLUS, we were in the middle of moving, so we had to get back to help Dan finish up the cleaning at the old apartment.  (Photos to come when we have internet at out house!)

 Big thanks to Audrey and Greg for taking pictures of our little people.  The kids had a blast laughing at each other.  Yay for Halloween!