Sunday, November 25, 2012

No Clothes Sunday and Over-Clothed Saturday

 Harper thought she'd take a break from clothes this evening.  For a bit tonight, I didn't fight it and let her roam the house in her birthday suit.
 Since she's got the hang of walking, it has been increasingly challenging to get a diaper on her.  She is a wiggly-squiggle little hell raiser, and after our drive home today, she needed to get some of that energy out!  So she (almost) ran around the house.  At the moment, her top speed is a quick wobble.
 She can also climb on all of the furniture.  The last island of refuge is our bed, but she is experimenting with stepping up on the side rail, so it too will be conquered.

Other cuteness to share is Harper in her cold weather body coat on Saturday:

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