Sunday, November 11, 2012

Harper is 1!!!

Yesterday was Harper's 1st birthday.  We kept things relatively under control, with no big party and only a few friends over.  Ayla and Taylor came over in the morning and started off the day with tutu's warm sweaters and wonderful books! 

I decorated cupcakes while Harp watched football with dad.

We got some calls from family wishing Harp happy birthday, and I was barely tolerated with the camera :) 

 Then Grandma Linda, Grandpa Gus, and Auntie Nora came from Chicago!  We opened presents and had cupcakes!  ( I need to get some pictures from Grandma Linda of hands were full!)

 Harper's best friend, Oscar, came over with is his mom and dad.  They are such a hoot together!  Grandpa Gus and Grandma Linda got Harper her very own dinosaur!  She is still getting the hang of how to wrangle it. 

 Audrey and Greg, with Oscar and Harp!  Such a full year with this family.  It was great being pregnant together, and it's great being parents together.  Thanks everyone for a great day!

 Happy birthday my sweet girl!  

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  1. What a wonderfully fabulous little girl you have there! Love her personality and how happy she is and excited about life! The best kinds of kids :)