Monday, June 27, 2011

cute stuff!

Monday, Monday. To perk myself up today after work, I strolled through my usual blogs and found some kids stuff I liked. For instance, there is nothing bad about a panda shirt. Just as there is nothing bad with traditional salt-water sandals. It makes getting through the rest of Monday not so rough. (The sandals came from A Cup of Joe, and the shirt from Simple Blueprint.)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The baby clothes fairys came today!

Jessie and Jeremiah are moving to Boston on Tuesday. They have been frantically packing things up and clearing things out. Today they stopped by with a trunk full of stuff - the end of the baby things they are giving us. It showed up as this first picture: bags and bins. And then I had fun looking through it all, sorting it, ooing and cooing over it, and then finally put it into my own bins and labeled for age.

I feel so lucky to have such a bounty of cute! The newborn gear is the size that just shocks me. I am building a person that is going to be warmed by those little tiny shirts and socks.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I am tired all the time. I was a fan of sleeping before I got pregnant, but now my schedule is thrown off and I can't seem to get enough of it. I'm up at night, and I'm tired all day. I get home at the end of work and act like a zombie, just to be awake, or am woken up several times...every night. What is the deal!

It makes me want to throw a tantrum.

Have I mentioned that it's no fun to be pregnant when your partner is gone? I can't wait for the Bar Exam to come and go. Come and go already! You stupid test!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

21 weeks 4 days - Cats and the Tum

Comma and Baxter joined me today to document the Tum. It's undeniably present.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Now that I've had a few days to digest the information, I can tell you how my doctor's appointment went to check on my abnormal pap results. Turns out it wasn't lying. I have a lot of abnormal cells on my cervix. About half of it is covered in them. Nothing will happen until after the baby is born, but after she is, they will do a biopsy of the area to determine if they can be removed through freezing, or if they need to scrape them off by a procedure called a LEEP (or LEAP?). Doesn't sound very pleasant, but I'll take these options over other more serious results.

Baby isn't in danger. As far as I know, I'm not in any danger. This is more common than some might think. Yes my cells are abnormal, but according to the doctor, it is a low grade abnormality. Since I can't do anything about it until November, I'm not going to worry about it until then. Well, that's not true, but I'll try my best.

Yesterday while Dan and I were eating breakfast (yay! I got to visit Dan this weekend in Chicago!) we briefly mentioned the very real need to discuss how, who, and when to prepare for things like, care and custody of our baby Nugget in the event of our death. I teared up over my Kashi.

But in happier news, I'm starting to feel the baby move! It feels mostly like my stomach nerves are misfiring, but in some small cases there is a definite push from the inside out.

Have a good week everyone.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dads with their daughters

Now that I know I'm having a little baby girl, I can't help but let my heart melt over the millions of special moments Dan will get to have with his daughter. Here are some shots from a blog I visit often, called The Satorialist. Today's post seems ultra appropriate. :)

Not to keep you in suspense any longer...

There is a little girl growing in me!

Today's sonogram was such an awesome experience. It was a good 10 minutes of seeing her in different positions, from different angles - hearing her heart beat, looking at her hands and feet, seeing her spine. My friend Audrey went with me (she is also pregnant and we go to the same doctor. We have been scheduling our appointments together which has been great with Dan in Chicago and Greg unable to get out of work.) and having another person there to reiterate how awesome the moment was made it even more special. We "oohed" and "awwwed" over and over.

A baby girl! I'm so excited!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From Linda's grad party

Here are some fun pictures from Linda's graduation party last month. She had a photo booth and it was great fun to get dressed up with the different props. Aren't we cute?!

Tomorrow I have my next doctor's appointment. Hopefully Boo will cooperate for the sonogram and we can all know if there is a little girl or little boy in there!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yesterday was jammed packed. It was Monday, it was the first day after Dan went back to Chicago, and the morning started early. After the usual Monday meeting and email catch up, I got to deliver a heap of NOOKs to a school work with my boss on my yearly goals and learning plan. One of our management team put in his two weeks notice (which sucks of for us but is great for him...he is going to start his own business doing energy audits and other things) and I got some upsetting news from my doctor.

I've already shared that I switched doctors and that I'm extremely happy with my new one. Last week was my first appointment and as expected I needed to fill out the new patient forms and sign a release to have my records transferred from my last office. Well, they got my records.

It turns out that my last pap smear came back with abnormal results. Yesterday was the first I'd heard of it. The nice woman from the office called saying they had received my records, and they were wondering if I knew of my last results were abnormal. No, I said, I didn't. She explained what sorts of results they were and explained what they would do next. Appointments were made, and I got off the phone. I'm not extremely worried about getting abnormal results, as it is more common than some might think, but I am still upset with my old office for not telling me!

I just don't understand how an office wouldn't discuss something like this with a patient. This is just one more reason I'm happy with my decision to leave their "care."

For now, I have an appointment on Thursday for the Sonogram, and Friday for tests.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I met with my new doctor today. She is wonderful! Her staff is wonderful. The only thing I'm worried about is being able to find my way back to her office. Every corner looks the same!

It was such a wonderful change from my former doctor. She asked questions! She asked follow up questions! She took my blood (my first time, which seems to be unheard of by my friends/Dan "28 and you've never had your blood drawn!?"

No Sonogram today.

After ward Audrey and I went to a movie. It was funny and perfect and a great time. Then we went out to the car to find the battery dead. Then we waited 2.5 hours for the dude to come jump it. Then I got a call from the shop about my car (oh, I forgot, my car is in the shop again), and I get frustrated because it seems like every time there is problem, it has something to do with something I just got fixed!!!!

Then I came home a called Dan and told him what was up, and cried felt like a dope for getting taken advantage of by the car people, then he calmed me down. Then I was fine.

Now I'm petting the cats. All of them. All three at one time.

I'm so happy Dan is coming back for the weekend.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

18 weeks and bumpin

So here I am. 18 weeks and still going strong.

In other news in my pregnancy world, I've decided to start seeing a different doctor. There has been some shenanigans from my doctor's office. I've had some questions that they couldn't/wouldn't answer. They openly said they forgot to do some tests and then made me feel as though it was my fault for not bringing it to their attention. And, I've decided I would like to work with an office that collaborates with a midwife, which my current doctor does not do.

I wish that little explanation could portray the level of frustration I've dealt with in the last week/last two appointments. But, no one wants to hear every little detail that made me so angry. So...

Today I made an appointment with a different doctor. It's next week. I'm hoping it goes well.