Thursday, June 9, 2011


I met with my new doctor today. She is wonderful! Her staff is wonderful. The only thing I'm worried about is being able to find my way back to her office. Every corner looks the same!

It was such a wonderful change from my former doctor. She asked questions! She asked follow up questions! She took my blood (my first time, which seems to be unheard of by my friends/Dan "28 and you've never had your blood drawn!?"

No Sonogram today.

After ward Audrey and I went to a movie. It was funny and perfect and a great time. Then we went out to the car to find the battery dead. Then we waited 2.5 hours for the dude to come jump it. Then I got a call from the shop about my car (oh, I forgot, my car is in the shop again), and I get frustrated because it seems like every time there is problem, it has something to do with something I just got fixed!!!!

Then I came home a called Dan and told him what was up, and cried felt like a dope for getting taken advantage of by the car people, then he calmed me down. Then I was fine.

Now I'm petting the cats. All of them. All three at one time.

I'm so happy Dan is coming back for the weekend.

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  1. first off i love your choice of font - i know shouldnt be first, but oh well
    2nd - yay you like your doctor and OMG you should totally have your blood drawn every other year if you are healthy! So glad they finally did that. So many random things can be weird that make other things just harder that can be fixed with just minor lifestyle changes.
    3rd - HI!

    last - you should probably swith all those around and read 3 to 1 :O)