Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yesterday was jammed packed. It was Monday, it was the first day after Dan went back to Chicago, and the morning started early. After the usual Monday meeting and email catch up, I got to deliver a heap of NOOKs to a school work with my boss on my yearly goals and learning plan. One of our management team put in his two weeks notice (which sucks of for us but is great for him...he is going to start his own business doing energy audits and other things) and I got some upsetting news from my doctor.

I've already shared that I switched doctors and that I'm extremely happy with my new one. Last week was my first appointment and as expected I needed to fill out the new patient forms and sign a release to have my records transferred from my last office. Well, they got my records.

It turns out that my last pap smear came back with abnormal results. Yesterday was the first I'd heard of it. The nice woman from the office called saying they had received my records, and they were wondering if I knew of my last results were abnormal. No, I said, I didn't. She explained what sorts of results they were and explained what they would do next. Appointments were made, and I got off the phone. I'm not extremely worried about getting abnormal results, as it is more common than some might think, but I am still upset with my old office for not telling me!

I just don't understand how an office wouldn't discuss something like this with a patient. This is just one more reason I'm happy with my decision to leave their "care."

For now, I have an appointment on Thursday for the Sonogram, and Friday for tests.

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