Monday, April 25, 2011


I don't know what came over me this weekend but now Dan doesn't trust me to feed the baby. All I wanted all weekend was donuts and chocolate milk. Saturday morning I woke up at 3, tooled around doing the dishes and what not, and then it came - the need. I had to have a donut. It was almost 6am, so I made Dan a pot of coffee and went to Bagelman's. I got two bagels and six donuts.

I didn't know what sort of donut Dan might like, him not being much of a sweets guy, so I got 6 different ones that I would like, because worse case scenario, I would have to eat them all (awesome!). Honestly, with how I was feeling, I don't know how I got them home.

By 10am it was time for a nap, and I had only eaten two. Dan, it turns out, does like donuts, and helped a bit, but after out afternoon naps (yes, they come in multiples) the number of donuts had decreased again. Thankfully we went to Jessica's house for a BBQ, where I got some carrots, corn, and a hot dog in my system. Dan told me earlier in the day that I was not allowed to feed the child if this was any indication of what was coming. I said, sure! As soon as he/she is done with my boobs, he can have that responsibility. He gruffed away.

But, he did feel the need to bring it up at the BBQ to illustrate some point...oh this is where the chocolate milk comes in!

I've been having a hard time remembering to eat at work. I get going on a project and then three hours go by and I feel like crappo. That gross feeling just before throwing up is just on the verge, and I then eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich right there in my office, because if I don't eat immediately, I'll be sick soup all over.

So, to help with that problem, I've found that drinking milk in between meal times (which are every two hours now) helps greatly. However, I find the taste of milk repulsive on it's own, and so chocolate milk is the solution. One great thing about knowing all of the cafe staff is I can ask that instead of three pumps of chocolate, can they please just put one in? Thanks. That's all it takes, just to get that milk edge off.

So back to the BBQ - I work with Jessica, and she has been very helpful in both reminding me to eat, and by becoming my sponsor of sorts. It isn't uncommon for her to buy me chocolate milk. She is super nice to me. Since she knew both of my delicate condition and my propensity towards the chocolate nature, for the BBQ she made sure I had a non-beer drink, and thus a half gallon of delicious chocolate milk was in the frige. I too had brought a non-beer drink (ginger ale. Yum.) so as we were leaving, she told me to take it home because she doesn't drink the stuff. No argument here!

We were walking out with the jug of milk, the chocolate prizes I won from the Easter Egg Hunt, and Dan, and as we're saying thank you and goodnight, he shares that I'm not allowed to feel the child. My response is the same as before, we all have a good laugh, and we go home.

It is Monday, and there is still some chocolate milk left. I haven't gone crazy, but man o man, do I love chocolate milk. I force myself to use a small juice class. The 4 oz size. But with the donuts and the milk, this past weekend was a sugar fest, and it had nothing to do with easter candy consumption.

Why don't I binge on salad? Apples? I like those things too!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's a racket

Audrey and I went on a great little adventure today.

I've been doing a lot of work on the weekends in April, and so one of my days off has moved to Thursday. Last Thursday Audrey and I got together with the intent to go check out a second hand baby/mama store looking for stretchy waist bands and comfort, but got so worn out before leaving that we sat on my couches and watched "Babies" on Netflicks streaming.

This week we mustered up the energy, fortified by bagels with cream cheese from Bagelman's, and gave it a go. We oohed and ahhed over the racks of little girl and boy clothes, holding up skirts, sweaters, and dresses that had us wishing weeks 18-22 would hurry up and get here so we can know the gender of our babes (did I mention Audrey is about 5 weeks ahead of me, preggo wise?). (We're not taking any bets, and we'll be happy with what ever comes out, but we both have gut feelings that we're having girls. Or maybe we just love the little dresses with frilly butt bloomers!)

She and I both have Winter birthdays, me being January 16th and her February 15th. We both love fall, with the sweaters, scarves, cinnamon smells, holidays, and parties. And now, we're both going to have birthdays to plan for our babes too! She is due in September and me in October. All in all, it's awesome to have a friend going through this with me.


We finally made it to the mom room with it's array of undefined waistlines and scalloped collars (eew). It was pretty bleak. We've heard that second hand maternity ware is 1) hard to find and 2) not so good when you find it. It seems that retailers know that they've got a trapped audience who need stretchy things, so they mark em up and keep em up. And, it seems that everyone else passes along their clothes to the next wave of pregnant people in their lives (it does come in waves. There are four pregnant women at work, plus Audrey, plus Dan's family and friend...)

I did find one pair of linen pants with both elastic and a tie, and I hope once I get too big to fit my tum in them, I can just scoot the waist band under it.

Target was the next stop, where we didn't find anything, but did get both a sugar rush and then sudden drop after sucking on a blue raspberry Icee. Lesson learned. Icee = angry. But, I have one more pair of pants. I'm not so huge that I'm getting ready to buy a belly band or anything like that, but I've scoped them out and know it's on the way.

It's hard to reconcile the price for some of the pregnant things out there. It's like the wedding industry - people can get sucked in to buying tons of stuff that is expensive because this, supposedly, is something in life that deserves the added attention (read:money) I'm not buying it...yet. When I'm huge and suffering through summer and want nothing but a bathing suit that fits around my globe so I can float in a huge pool of not-humidity, I'll probably shell out the 40 bucks I saw one going for today. And that was the cheap one!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



I had a great day at work. Sometimes a person can put so much energy into the universe and not see or feel any reciprocation. Well, thank you Universe! Finally after months of calls, letters, and leading conversations at conferences and booth, there has been a small success in my world of work. (That makes it sound like I've been miserable, which I haven't. My job is fun.) I came skipping home eager to tell Dan my fabulous news, which I do. And it's great. Yeah! A happy day!

I'm standing at the counter shaking my head over the 4th reminder that my cats need their annual check up from a veterinarian I no longer go to (you would think that when I call to say I've moved and please stop sending me mail, they would want to save the postage.) Dan turns around with a bowl of his super yummy curry chicken salad and says, "Wow. You really look pregnant." I look down. Yep. Thar she blows!

Some of my pants don't fit. I'm pulling out my fat pants from the back of the closet for cold days. I've come to really like tights and skirts 1) because they are stretchy, and 2) they give some tummy support. I was wearing a skirt today with a wide stretchy waist band, and I think that is why my tummy was so obvious to Dan - my pants weren't keeping it locked in! Be free belly! Be free!

No pictures yet. The belly really isn't that big. I just feel bloated and squishy. But I can no longer suck in my waist - girls you know what I mean, we've all sucked it in. I'm now permanently...convex. Pop!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Salty goodness

It's been years since I've eaten ramen noodles. As a kid they were easy and cheap, and besides toast, it was something I could make even when mom wasn't home. I skipped it through the later years of high school and all of college, and after college, it never crossed my mind.

A couple days ago I smelled something that was exactly like beef ramen noodles. Who know if it was an actual smell or just my crazy baby brain making me think it was wafting through the air. Having my work be in the same complex as a grocery store is quite handy, and on a lunch break I went on over and grabbed two packages. My bill totaled $0.34. Classic.

I don't know what it is about these noodles, but they are good. Not good for me, but good. Not many things can have straight bouillon mixed with water and satisfy, but these little noodles and that salty broth are hitting the spot. It doesn't upset my stomach (a hugh bonus), and it's fast (necessary when I need to eat NOW).

So, cheers stomach! Enjoy, and please don't change your mind and barf it all up.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Middle of the night

The weather has been changing in IL. It's getting warmer and sunnier, and things are starting to bloom. I never had allergies until moving here. I now understand a little bit what my brother and sister have been feeling all these years. Sneezing, breathing but not breathing, constantly looking for kleenex. Nighttime is horrible.

Nights are now this fuzzy time where I am uncomfortable and sore. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder the other day while puking and finding a comfortable sleeping position just isn't happening. I'm woken up from not being able to breath, then because I have to pee, then eat, and finally, like tonight, I just get up and put the wash in the dryer.

I've got so many things going on at work right now that all of the "to-dos" aren't helping either.

Mom says this is all training for later when I'll be up with feedings, and fusses, and whatever else motherhood brings. I know that when all that happens, I'll have my three furry felines following me around and curling up next to me, just like tonight.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello Readers!


I just opened this can of worms to the world. Welcome to Pint Sized. So far it's been pretty whiny. I'm working on changing that - as in, I'm not fighting the urge to be sick so I'm pretty happy now.

Some of my clothes are starting to get a bit snug, and I've bought my first "maternity" department item - a red cotton dress with lots of tummy room. Red! I figure if I'm going to be out there I might as well make a splash. It is super comfy.

I'm still working on getting the cats to stay off my stomach, but having had four years of training that the stomach was an ok nap spot, they are having a hard time understanding the new restrictions. Baxter flat our rolls his eyes and flattens his ears in disgusts. I'm imagining it as training for this baby's teen years.

Dan's friend Bomber just had her baby, as well has his Cousin. Poor guy is having a hard enough time adjusting, and then it's baby news is surround sound. I think it's good for him, as proof that his patience is expanding, and we even went so far at to talk about a few names tonight. Our method right now is to throw names out like darts and see if any of them stick. It's fun. The NCAA basketball tournament meant the name Shaka was put up as an option. As in, the coach from VCU. See? Fun.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Still pregnant!

I don't think it's even been mentioned to me just how backwards some parts of pregnancy can be. I'll shop specifically for something I've wanted all day, only to get a whiff of it and think it disgusting. I'll be full of energy, then fell like I'm going to collapse after a few minutes. I'll be IN THE PROCESS of throwing up and be hungry. I am in bizzaro world.

I've got some nice messages from my friends who are slowly finding out about the baby. Dan has gotten over whatever hurdle he was struggling with and wrote to his extended family, and I'm sure to read him the happy responses, as proof that the world isn't coming to an end over this news.

My lower stomach still feels rather achy. I'm pretty sure the combination of stomach strain from puking and internal stretching from the new little house thats being set up in there is where it's coming from. Before it gets too sore or too big or too uncomfortable, I've been finishing the night's sleep with a good solid stomach spread eagle. I'm not going to lay on my tummy for a while, so I might as well take advantage of it!

The other pressure on my stomach has increased. The three cats have now all deemed it the place to be and I have to fend them off with threats of corn food and unkempt litter boxes. It's no good. I'll think I'll have them all happily off the bed when I go to sleep, only to wake up trapped, all 30+ pounds of cat distributed across my body. "Dan!" He'll wake up and move them off me so I can both move and not have them pushing on my bladder. (Do you notice how none of them want to sleep on the snoring beast?)