Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Salty goodness

It's been years since I've eaten ramen noodles. As a kid they were easy and cheap, and besides toast, it was something I could make even when mom wasn't home. I skipped it through the later years of high school and all of college, and after college, it never crossed my mind.

A couple days ago I smelled something that was exactly like beef ramen noodles. Who know if it was an actual smell or just my crazy baby brain making me think it was wafting through the air. Having my work be in the same complex as a grocery store is quite handy, and on a lunch break I went on over and grabbed two packages. My bill totaled $0.34. Classic.

I don't know what it is about these noodles, but they are good. Not good for me, but good. Not many things can have straight bouillon mixed with water and satisfy, but these little noodles and that salty broth are hitting the spot. It doesn't upset my stomach (a hugh bonus), and it's fast (necessary when I need to eat NOW).

So, cheers stomach! Enjoy, and please don't change your mind and barf it all up.

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