Thursday, April 14, 2011

Middle of the night

The weather has been changing in IL. It's getting warmer and sunnier, and things are starting to bloom. I never had allergies until moving here. I now understand a little bit what my brother and sister have been feeling all these years. Sneezing, breathing but not breathing, constantly looking for kleenex. Nighttime is horrible.

Nights are now this fuzzy time where I am uncomfortable and sore. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder the other day while puking and finding a comfortable sleeping position just isn't happening. I'm woken up from not being able to breath, then because I have to pee, then eat, and finally, like tonight, I just get up and put the wash in the dryer.

I've got so many things going on at work right now that all of the "to-dos" aren't helping either.

Mom says this is all training for later when I'll be up with feedings, and fusses, and whatever else motherhood brings. I know that when all that happens, I'll have my three furry felines following me around and curling up next to me, just like tonight.


  1. So, I've been taking pilates and my trainer strongly suggests that you do some lateral abdominal training and some pelvic floor training. She says that a stong mom will get an easy birth, so get to training.

    And for when you get tired of all the advice...

    Love you! (and you too, Astrid... Agathon... Arnold... Whoever you are)

  2. I don't know about Agathon, but Astrid has a nice ring to it!