Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's a racket

Audrey and I went on a great little adventure today.

I've been doing a lot of work on the weekends in April, and so one of my days off has moved to Thursday. Last Thursday Audrey and I got together with the intent to go check out a second hand baby/mama store looking for stretchy waist bands and comfort, but got so worn out before leaving that we sat on my couches and watched "Babies" on Netflicks streaming.

This week we mustered up the energy, fortified by bagels with cream cheese from Bagelman's, and gave it a go. We oohed and ahhed over the racks of little girl and boy clothes, holding up skirts, sweaters, and dresses that had us wishing weeks 18-22 would hurry up and get here so we can know the gender of our babes (did I mention Audrey is about 5 weeks ahead of me, preggo wise?). (We're not taking any bets, and we'll be happy with what ever comes out, but we both have gut feelings that we're having girls. Or maybe we just love the little dresses with frilly butt bloomers!)

She and I both have Winter birthdays, me being January 16th and her February 15th. We both love fall, with the sweaters, scarves, cinnamon smells, holidays, and parties. And now, we're both going to have birthdays to plan for our babes too! She is due in September and me in October. All in all, it's awesome to have a friend going through this with me.


We finally made it to the mom room with it's array of undefined waistlines and scalloped collars (eew). It was pretty bleak. We've heard that second hand maternity ware is 1) hard to find and 2) not so good when you find it. It seems that retailers know that they've got a trapped audience who need stretchy things, so they mark em up and keep em up. And, it seems that everyone else passes along their clothes to the next wave of pregnant people in their lives (it does come in waves. There are four pregnant women at work, plus Audrey, plus Dan's family and friend...)

I did find one pair of linen pants with both elastic and a tie, and I hope once I get too big to fit my tum in them, I can just scoot the waist band under it.

Target was the next stop, where we didn't find anything, but did get both a sugar rush and then sudden drop after sucking on a blue raspberry Icee. Lesson learned. Icee = angry. But, I have one more pair of pants. I'm not so huge that I'm getting ready to buy a belly band or anything like that, but I've scoped them out and know it's on the way.

It's hard to reconcile the price for some of the pregnant things out there. It's like the wedding industry - people can get sucked in to buying tons of stuff that is expensive because this, supposedly, is something in life that deserves the added attention (read:money) I'm not buying it...yet. When I'm huge and suffering through summer and want nothing but a bathing suit that fits around my globe so I can float in a huge pool of not-humidity, I'll probably shell out the 40 bucks I saw one going for today. And that was the cheap one!

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  1. Pregnacy Swimming suit = bikini... Your belly will always fit!

    You should look into maxi dresses. They fit on the top and then flow, and flow, and flow. They are long enough to be modest, you can put a t-shirt or a long sleaved t-shirt under them depending on the weather, and they will still fit when you are not pregnant!

    I say, give up on pants, don't waist (he, he) the money, and go for the legging/tunic if needed.