Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween with her Bestie

 Harper had such a great time in her costume!  We went to the mall after daycare to meet up with her bestie, Oscar, who dress up as Mork, from Mork and Mindy.  It was a trip to see them together!  The mall was packed, as it was raining outside, so instead of loading up on candy and standing in line like cattle, we let the kids do what they wanted, which was to play with the car/shopping carts chained at one section in a non-busy corridor. 

 Another successful Halloween in the books! 

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween!  I was never big on Halloween before becoming a mother, but after two years now, of absolute cuteness, I'm seeing the perks of having a kid at this time of year. 

Just like last year, Harper's costume was "found" the day before Halloween.  It is supposed to rain all day, so I thought, she needs to wear a coat and boots, so no costume, but we can still have fun.  Then I talked with Audrey, the mom to Harper's bestie, and we made plans to go to the mall instead.  It'll be warm and dry and it starts at 5!  Awesome!

So for costumes.  We had a box sitting around that Harper has been playing in, so on a whim yesterday, she and I painted it black.  Then I found some ribbon and stapled on some straps.  Then she put it on and she was so happy!  This box had so much potential - (have you read Not A Box?) a car came to mind first, but an airplane made more sense to me. 

Harper went down for her nap, and I started on it, and with some tape, a nail, and a shiny silver marker, we have Amelia Erhart's plane (if I had red paint, it would be a bit closer to the real thing, but whatev). 

And...Harper loves it. 

Hopefully she loves it while we walk around the mall, with scarf and goggles I found (the very last pair at Party City, with red lenses made for a steam punk outfit).  Total investment in this outfit = $5.99

 But after all that, I freaked out because she can't wear her box to daycare. 

When Dan dropped Harper off on Tuesday, he came back with two bits of information: 1) there was a Halloween party and we are bringing fresh fruit (which is irritating, because when I asked about allergies or instructions on what kind of fruit to bring, they said pre-packaged fruit was best, so I had to buy pre-sliced apples and some grapes.  But, at least there will be something nutritious...)

and 2), that the kids can dress up and be in a parade. 

After being so proud of myself to making a plane (with rotating propeller, I might add!) I was thinking of the logistics of some new costume Harper could wear. 

Harper went to bed, and I got out my glue gun.  And this morning, after some dashes of eyeliner while Harper brushed her teeth, she became...

Frida Kahlo! 

There are some other kick-ass Frida costumes out there on the internet, but I am feeling extremely good about myself this morning.

I'll get some more pics as the evening progresses.  :) 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pumpkins and leaves and fall, oh my!

 Kiddo.  Or is that a teenager?  I can't tell sometimes

She's about to take off.  Can't you see her cape flapping?

She took my picture :)

With her rock collection

After a morning of tantrums, where she wants to touch me at all times but hates it.

No caption needed.

This day, she got bitten by a school mate, didn't take a nap, and was upset and angry.  She still wanted to set the table.  Bless her.

Super happy about going to get pumpkins.

This one's going to get framed.

One of the grant recipients from FOA had her opening.

Sick girl, temp of 103.


She dressed herself (I added some logistical support).  Pink cowboy boots.  Sweat pants, sweater.  A hat that is too small.  Awesome.

Her rock quarry.

Pulling seeds out of a seed pod and throwing them around.

Helping Dad clean up the leaves.

Adventures in pumpkin land.

She is so happy with her choices.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Last day at the splash park

Such a fun summer

With the beginning of the Football season, we just had to teach Harper how to signal a touchdown!

Sights from a morning run on lake Michigan.

Photo bomb just before starting the race last weekend :)

Batman wears footie pjs, duh. 

Some of the amazing women I've been running with.

More of the amazing women I've been running with.  We all did a half marathon last weekend!

Hair cut!