Saturday, November 3, 2012


 Harper's 1st Halloween!  We had zero plans to dress up, then the day before I went to Target and found this cute gnome get-up on sale for $5!  How could I pass it up!  We added the dotted leggings and sweater (it was cold!) and went out with Harper's best friend, Oscar. 

We didn't go door-to-door, but instead went to The Ewing Manor for a shindig for wee ones.  There were some photo stops and two candy stops, but as you can see, the kids had a blast regardless of their candy haul. 
 It was only about 20 minutes of activity, but Harper was ready to go by the end.  PLUS, we were in the middle of moving, so we had to get back to help Dan finish up the cleaning at the old apartment.  (Photos to come when we have internet at out house!)

 Big thanks to Audrey and Greg for taking pictures of our little people.  The kids had a blast laughing at each other.  Yay for Halloween! 

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