Thursday, January 19, 2017

Big Sisters and 2nd, 2nd Trimesters

12 Weeks + 2 Days

The difference between my first 2nd trimester and my second 2nd trimester has been remarkable.

Not because how I'm physically reacting to the changes that are happening in my body - but that I am different.

At this point in my pregnancy with Harper, I was anxious about everything.

At this point, because of a change of insurance at the turn of the year, and well, life, I have yet to even have my first official prenatal appointment.  (That is being remedied, I assure you.)

One other huge difference, is I've been a professional doula for 5 years!  I now train other people to be doulas!  Birth is a bit less mysterious and terrifying.

So with his being the launch of more musing from a pregnant lady on the internet, hello.  This is more for my unborn child, than for you.  A child, that almost every person who dares has told me its a boy.  Time will tell.