Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weeks Pics 5/30

Having a hard week.  It doesn't show, though, as I look back through pictures.  Maybe that's not necessarily good, maybe the hard needs to show too? 
She entertained her self multiple times for significant periods of time with nothing more than the radio and head phones.  Plug it in, take it out.  Turn it up, turn it down.  On, off.  
We got to paint a pot at Farrah's birthday party, but sadly it broke when accidentally pushed off the drying spot.  We took a second home, and just got around to painting it this week.
You want to do the dishes?  Go for it.  I switched out the chair for an end table.  A little higher and a lot sturdier.
First corn on the cob this week.  A HUGE hit.
Three days this week Harper slept until almost 8:30.  I almost didn't know what to do with myself.
Have you seen the weather for Illinois?  It's pretty damp.  But, the ground is soft, so it makes pulling Dandelions way easier.
To me, it seems like she is patting my hand.
She likes to be useful.  She's most frustrated when she doesn't get to participate.
Can you see it?  The pain she is going through as she struggles not to pull the string of the blinds? 
New boots from Grandpa!
Most of the water was poured on the plants, but whatever. Another successful adventure with the water table.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last week 5/24

Trying out my new mini loaf pan
The irises popped!
I said smile, she said roar.
Hey Dad.
She isn't strong enough to spray with her fingers, but if she uses her thumb it works.  She just gets sprayed in the face, too.  She's okay with that.  For 20 minutes at least. 
I slid at my softball game.  I still got out.
Sometimes, she doesn't know why she gets up that freakin' early either.
Don't worry.  Momma's gonna bake it all better.
It's a twofer: saving money AND working on that pincher grip

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day at the Zoo!

Harp and I went to Miller Park Zoo.  Here she's oogling the sea lions.




More swings!

There's a slide up there.

Wedding adorableness

Harper in her swag

The bride and groom

Dad and daughter

Dad and daughter, both looking ready to move on

Reception!  James, Dan, and Anthony

View from reception

Bride, the gorgeous Eranthie

Cocktail Hour

Mom and Daughter at dinner

Harold and Erin

Anthony, Josh, and Ben

Ben, Erik, James, and Dan (is he yawning or singing...I think singing)

Dapper Ben

Dan and I, thanks to Liz for the photo!