Friday, August 31, 2012

More stuff in her mouth

Harper's top teeth are making more progress.  Her front right is through, and the left feel like it's teasing us not popping through too. 

Harp has taken to putting this blue bin on her head during bath time.  The tilt is quite dapper, don't you think? 

I stuck her hair up to show how long it's getting.  I wonder how long she'll let me mess with her hair before I'm fired as her stylist :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Always movin'

Harper had her 9 month appointment last week (at 9 months, 11 days).  She is doing well.  Her official stats are: Height 29.5 inches, weight 22 lbs 3 oz.  Three teeth through, with two more visible.  She can also sing the full score of Pirates of Penzance and has a plan for rebounding the national deficit, but we can't make it out as she always has her fingers in her mouth.

This is Harper's favorite book.  It's a farm animal book from Grandpa Glen.  There are pictures of animals and flaps that lift up with the sounds they make.  Today, her favorite animal is the duck (Quack! Quack!). 

A rare moment with mouth sans fist. 

Another favorite pass time - dumping out her blocks.  She isn't stacking yet, but she'll bang those suckers together and knock 'em down like it's her job. 

And she can wear the bucket like a hat.

A baby wearing jeans - these are 18-24 months.  A bit long, but not for long.  Her muscles were bulging out of her shirt, so we went ahead and took it off before it got torn from all of the flexing.  :)

I've been reaquainting myself with my camera also.  Dan's mom has the same camera,  a Canon G12, and she had some questions I couldn't answer.  I think I can now, but I think some more playing is in order.   And if you are looking for a great camera, I highly recommend it.  Don't let my lacking photography skills put you off. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

The many faces of Harper...with stuff in her mouth

Harper is teething.  There are three teeth on the bottom out in full force, and her top two fronts are close behind.  My sister Ciara is visiting and these are from the first half of her time here - some Chicago, some Bloomington.  Harper has most of the attention, but most of the photos are of her with stuff in her mouth.  That's just the way it goes with a teether.  However, she is still stinking cute even WITH the stuff in her face!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Puttin' the kid to work.

Harper has been easily upset the past few days.  After some thought, I guessed it was because she was bored.  So I've been imploring her help with things about the house.  Tonight's example: laundry. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I've been on the hunt for some good Put Harper To Bed Tunes, and out of the blue my friend posted this on Facebook!

The company (  has many bands, so if you too are in the market for some bells and block rendition of your favorite rock artist, perhaps you will find a winner!