Friday, November 16, 2012

One year doc. visit

Harper had her 1 year well visit check up.  Good news!  She is well!

She is 22 lbs. 8 oz and 30. 5 inches long.  Head size is 18.25 inches.  All this puts her in roughly the 84-86% overall. 

She had three shots which went over as expected, but she absolutely hated the brush-on fluoride they put on her teeth.  Back arch and screaming!  She was a read faced fury until she tasted the stuff.  Apparently it is akin to bubblegum.  I didn't taste it personally. 

We were reprimanded for forgetting her daily dose of Vitamin D.  I'm still nursing her, so it makes sense that we should have continued its use.  We can start her on cow's milk, but until she goes off momma milk, we will need to supplement.

And, even though the sheet they gave us for what to expect in the 12-15 month range says we can turn the car seat forward facing, our doc says they now recommend kids in rear facing seats until she is two.  Sorry Harp.  One more year of craning your neck to see what's going on.

The weather was in the mid 50's and sunny today.  Harp and I took a stroll down the sidewalk outside one of our shopping complexes after getting more baby wipes.  She was flirting will all the sales ladies and enjoying the cracks in the sidewalk.  

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