Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pumpkins and leaves and fall, oh my!

 Kiddo.  Or is that a teenager?  I can't tell sometimes

She's about to take off.  Can't you see her cape flapping?

She took my picture :)

With her rock collection

After a morning of tantrums, where she wants to touch me at all times but hates it.

No caption needed.

This day, she got bitten by a school mate, didn't take a nap, and was upset and angry.  She still wanted to set the table.  Bless her.

Super happy about going to get pumpkins.

This one's going to get framed.

One of the grant recipients from FOA had her opening.

Sick girl, temp of 103.


She dressed herself (I added some logistical support).  Pink cowboy boots.  Sweat pants, sweater.  A hat that is too small.  Awesome.

Her rock quarry.

Pulling seeds out of a seed pod and throwing them around.

Helping Dad clean up the leaves.

Adventures in pumpkin land.

She is so happy with her choices.

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  1. I love how she always has this look of determination on her face as she's about to take over the world! She's just so stinking cute!