Wednesday, April 20, 2011



I had a great day at work. Sometimes a person can put so much energy into the universe and not see or feel any reciprocation. Well, thank you Universe! Finally after months of calls, letters, and leading conversations at conferences and booth, there has been a small success in my world of work. (That makes it sound like I've been miserable, which I haven't. My job is fun.) I came skipping home eager to tell Dan my fabulous news, which I do. And it's great. Yeah! A happy day!

I'm standing at the counter shaking my head over the 4th reminder that my cats need their annual check up from a veterinarian I no longer go to (you would think that when I call to say I've moved and please stop sending me mail, they would want to save the postage.) Dan turns around with a bowl of his super yummy curry chicken salad and says, "Wow. You really look pregnant." I look down. Yep. Thar she blows!

Some of my pants don't fit. I'm pulling out my fat pants from the back of the closet for cold days. I've come to really like tights and skirts 1) because they are stretchy, and 2) they give some tummy support. I was wearing a skirt today with a wide stretchy waist band, and I think that is why my tummy was so obvious to Dan - my pants weren't keeping it locked in! Be free belly! Be free!

No pictures yet. The belly really isn't that big. I just feel bloated and squishy. But I can no longer suck in my waist - girls you know what I mean, we've all sucked it in. I'm now permanently...convex. Pop!

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