Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello Readers!


I just opened this can of worms to the world. Welcome to Pint Sized. So far it's been pretty whiny. I'm working on changing that - as in, I'm not fighting the urge to be sick so I'm pretty happy now.

Some of my clothes are starting to get a bit snug, and I've bought my first "maternity" department item - a red cotton dress with lots of tummy room. Red! I figure if I'm going to be out there I might as well make a splash. It is super comfy.

I'm still working on getting the cats to stay off my stomach, but having had four years of training that the stomach was an ok nap spot, they are having a hard time understanding the new restrictions. Baxter flat our rolls his eyes and flattens his ears in disgusts. I'm imagining it as training for this baby's teen years.

Dan's friend Bomber just had her baby, as well has his Cousin. Poor guy is having a hard enough time adjusting, and then it's baby news is surround sound. I think it's good for him, as proof that his patience is expanding, and we even went so far at to talk about a few names tonight. Our method right now is to throw names out like darts and see if any of them stick. It's fun. The NCAA basketball tournament meant the name Shaka was put up as an option. As in, the coach from VCU. See? Fun.

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