Monday, April 25, 2011


I don't know what came over me this weekend but now Dan doesn't trust me to feed the baby. All I wanted all weekend was donuts and chocolate milk. Saturday morning I woke up at 3, tooled around doing the dishes and what not, and then it came - the need. I had to have a donut. It was almost 6am, so I made Dan a pot of coffee and went to Bagelman's. I got two bagels and six donuts.

I didn't know what sort of donut Dan might like, him not being much of a sweets guy, so I got 6 different ones that I would like, because worse case scenario, I would have to eat them all (awesome!). Honestly, with how I was feeling, I don't know how I got them home.

By 10am it was time for a nap, and I had only eaten two. Dan, it turns out, does like donuts, and helped a bit, but after out afternoon naps (yes, they come in multiples) the number of donuts had decreased again. Thankfully we went to Jessica's house for a BBQ, where I got some carrots, corn, and a hot dog in my system. Dan told me earlier in the day that I was not allowed to feed the child if this was any indication of what was coming. I said, sure! As soon as he/she is done with my boobs, he can have that responsibility. He gruffed away.

But, he did feel the need to bring it up at the BBQ to illustrate some point...oh this is where the chocolate milk comes in!

I've been having a hard time remembering to eat at work. I get going on a project and then three hours go by and I feel like crappo. That gross feeling just before throwing up is just on the verge, and I then eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich right there in my office, because if I don't eat immediately, I'll be sick soup all over.

So, to help with that problem, I've found that drinking milk in between meal times (which are every two hours now) helps greatly. However, I find the taste of milk repulsive on it's own, and so chocolate milk is the solution. One great thing about knowing all of the cafe staff is I can ask that instead of three pumps of chocolate, can they please just put one in? Thanks. That's all it takes, just to get that milk edge off.

So back to the BBQ - I work with Jessica, and she has been very helpful in both reminding me to eat, and by becoming my sponsor of sorts. It isn't uncommon for her to buy me chocolate milk. She is super nice to me. Since she knew both of my delicate condition and my propensity towards the chocolate nature, for the BBQ she made sure I had a non-beer drink, and thus a half gallon of delicious chocolate milk was in the frige. I too had brought a non-beer drink (ginger ale. Yum.) so as we were leaving, she told me to take it home because she doesn't drink the stuff. No argument here!

We were walking out with the jug of milk, the chocolate prizes I won from the Easter Egg Hunt, and Dan, and as we're saying thank you and goodnight, he shares that I'm not allowed to feel the child. My response is the same as before, we all have a good laugh, and we go home.

It is Monday, and there is still some chocolate milk left. I haven't gone crazy, but man o man, do I love chocolate milk. I force myself to use a small juice class. The 4 oz size. But with the donuts and the milk, this past weekend was a sugar fest, and it had nothing to do with easter candy consumption.

Why don't I binge on salad? Apples? I like those things too!

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