Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Whoa baby.

Some days it's all smiles and peanut-butter-happiness.  

Some days it's a snotty mess because what-do-you-mean-mommy's-panties-aren't-toys!?

 Harper has some more teeth coming in.  I can see at least one, but I'm hoping they are coming en mass like the last tooth round-up.  That, at least, would explain some of the instantaneous mood shifts that are happening.  Her stranger danger is also kicking in; clinging to me like sap, trying to crawl between my legs (no you can't go back in!), and hiding her face in my neck/leg/stomach/calf etc. 

But for fun, more pictures of her playing with underwear!  (She's going to hate me one day.) 


 Uh oh.  Melt down.  
Mom took the underwear off. 

 It is sooo hard being a baby. 


  1. I'm glad Sterling isn't the only baby who does instantaneous mood shifts. Have you ever read about the Wonder Weeks?

  2. Thank you for the link. I am a bit sorry I didn't hear of this before now, but I'm really jazzed by what I've read so far. Kids are so stinkin' amazing!

  3. This kid is HILARIOUS! I love her spunk in life and the overall curiosity she has! That last photo is making m laugh out loud next to strangers on a plane - she really knows how to work that tantrum! Love this blog and thanks as always for keeping it up to date. Gotta come see this kid again and of course you and Dan :) love ya all!