Monday, December 10, 2012

Potty girl

Harp loves brushing her teeth.  She loves it so much she will do just about anything to get it.

Including sit on the potty.

 We've been visiting her potty chair since it came into the house for her birthday, but its actual function hasn't been realized in her brain.  So, I'm perfectly happy to let her brush her teeth while sitting on the pot to help get her used to it. 
 Harp is very aware of the actual toilet.  She waves goodbye to her solids when we clean her diapers.  She loves to flush the handle.  She likes to drum on the lid.

 She hates to sit on it or be held over it.

 We've been making Psssss sounds.  She goes in with me when I go.  I even get applause when she feels I've done an especially good job.  (Good job mommy!)

In the last month, Harp has started bringing me diapers from her drawer when she feels wet.  I'm not pushing her to start potty training, but we're getting all the steps in place for when she decides she'd like to stop the diaper waddle and move on.

We'll see how far her tooth brush will go in this adventure. 

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