Saturday, September 8, 2012

Other essentials for a diaper bag

Not only do I make sure there are diapers, wipes, and an extra outfit in the diaper bag, I include snacks.  Harper is starting to get the hang of chewing, and loves the resistance of the crunchy baby cereals.  She is doing great with her pincher skills in both hands and only seems to have trouble with some of the slippery foods, like cut bananas that sometimes stick to her tray.

With that being said, what this post is really about is bringing snacks to feed Dan.  Just like the snickers commercials Dan turns into somebody else when he's hungry.

If you have an Other that doesn't want to admit to his/her grumpiness, I suggest you plan ahead too.

Some of Dan's approved snacks (that he will actually accept when he's hungry and not dismiss as "coddling food"):

Mixed nuts
Sunflower seeds
Carrot sticks

And if we're stopped, say for gasoline, I've noticed his mood rebounds immediately when an ice cream bar can be had, or a coke.

I'm finding it's the little things that can keep the family peace.  I'll take a salty snack bag tucked in the side door pocket of the car over the weighty sigh associated with needing to stop at one more store before going home. 

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