Thursday, September 6, 2012

I don't want to imply that I'm awesome, but...

...this morning wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

When Comma left us, she had to go through some hoops to be ready to travel internationally.  *Word to the wise - if you have any plans to go abroad with a pet, do your homework.  It can take anywhere from 10 days to 6 months for the needed papers/quarantine/blood work to be ready.  We got off easy because my vet is awesome, and Turkey has limited requirements

At that time, I made the appointment for my boys to have their annual visit.  Well yesterday when I told Dan about the 8:30 appointment, he reminded me that he was volunteering and wouldn't be able to help.

Do I reschedule or do I drink some awesome sauce and take a go at transporting two cats and a 9 month baby?

Awesome sauce!

And really, it wasn't that bad.  I pulled Harper's Baby Bjorn out of the closet and set to work.  The cats got settled in their carriers and ushered to the car first, then Harp and I followed.  The staff at the clinic were helpful with the doors (as they saw me with one cat in each hand and Harp strapped to my front - it was quite a sight), and Harper was happy to just be apart of the action.  No fussing, no crying.  There were plenty of dogs coming in and out to keep her mesmerized.

 Then home again for a snack before going to story time at BN.  There is a new Olivia book which is pretty funny.  It was lost on Harp, but seeing the 20 or so other kids was fun for her.  She has recently learned how to "high-five" and likes to be able to participate in the conversation with it. 

We were home by 10:45, and Harp is down for her nap.  Nap time!  That is such a wonderful thing.

I am going to go take another swig of Awesome Sauce and get some things done while Harper is down.  I'd say day four of Mommying is going pretty well.  

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