Thursday, September 27, 2012

Harper is exploring prepositions

 Auntie Ciara will be so proud; Harper is exploring prepositions.  She can now climb over and on top of things. Such as the barricade of stuff we have blocking her from the kitchen (read: cat food and litter pans).   The couches are also fair game.  Harp is putting her little muscles to good work (did I tell you that Dan nick-named her small muscles Shock and Awe?  She's ferocious!  Can't you tell?).

She is so proud of herself!
What's next?  Modifiers, perhaps?
Realistically, we'll work on more consonant sounds and the remaining vowels she has yet to explore with her spirited interjections.  Ahh!!  EEE! 

And in other news, we're packing!  In a few _____ (days? a week?) we'll know if we are staying in town, or moving on.  We are waiting to hear back from a prospect in Kankakee.  It will be a fast move, as we have given notice with our current living arrangement.  By the end of October we will have a new address, and hopefully a bit more space.

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  1. I am so proud!

    She has added UP and OVER to her AROUND and THROUGH! She is nearly a Dr. Seuss book now.