Friday, May 27, 2011

The swoll

I have my first case of the swells tonight. I drove up to Chicago after work today to be here for Dan's mom's Graduation celebratory weekend. After a good bit of sitting in my office today, followed by the three hours of driving, I now have some swollen ankles. I've got the swells! I done been swoll!

I've always had small ankles, and to look down to see the huge (really, huge, no joke) logs was a bit startling.

So the recipe to help keep the swell to a minimum is more water and more movement. There will come a point where I won't be able to fend it off, but at 17.5 weeks, I feel like I still have some control.

Already I've had to retrain myself how to sit at work. I'm a leg crosser. It's hard for me to sit and not cross my legs. But all that crossing mixed with some hormone who's job it is to make my ligaments go loosey-goosey was the root of all of the back pain I had. So, no leg crossing means a better aligned spine which means no back pain.

Now, I need to up the water flow. I feel like I do nothing but pee at work (which isn't true - as I have been kicking these last weeks) but if it means no cankles, then I'll shove it down the hatch.

Other than that all is well!

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