Sunday, May 22, 2011

8 weeks

Dan left today to start his grueling study classes before he takes the Bar Exam on July 26th. He will be in Chicago for the next 8 weeks. I will go up and see him on some weekends, and then we'll fly to Josh's wedding, he come back and take the test, and then we wait. Who knows what will come first: the baby or his exam results.

I watched a movie this afternoon titled Pregnant in America. I wait until Dan is gone to do this sort of thing. As issues were being brought up, I was looking at websites to see what Illinois' policy was on 1) home birth 2) midwife & doula services 3) my doctor's cesarean statistics (no luck on that one...yet)

I searched out different types of classes in the area, when I "should" take them.

The movie took my emotions for a whirl with a healthy dose of personal stories from women who felt forced to deliver their baby in ways that went against their birth plan wishes. (I'm thinking...what's a birth plan?) Stories of doctors using drugs to induce labor that were specifically labeled to NOT use it on pregnant women, of scheduling surgeries to coincide with doctor's vacation days, of hospital staff not letting mothers hold their child in the NICU.

This probably wasn't the best movie to watch the first day of Dan being gone.

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  1. I watched that movie and then googled C-section statistics at hospitals in Portland. Every hospital that was surveyed had over 20% C-section.