Saturday, May 7, 2011


I didn't realize how much lifting I do in my job now that I'm "not allowed" to lift anything. After coming back from my second doctor's appointment with a due date, 5the folks at work think I am incapable of lifting more than a few sheets of paper. It's sweet, and nice (I guess), but mostly I'm getting frustrated with my new feeble status. I fully admit that the order of 25 boxes filled with dictionaries is a task that I cannot do on my own, but I do think I can carry five hard cover books from the front window to the best seller shelf. Sigh.

Now the plus side to this is I am not responsible for carrying up the two buckets of cat litter we buy each month. That's a task I am happy to let Dan take over. He has said for a while that I have a problem asking for help, and yesterday when I was organizing the Cat closet after he purchased the newest sand pile, he was almost giddy that I asked him to lift the buckets into their spot. Score one for teamwork.

The fun fact I read today about this week in my pregnancy: Boo is growing a furry coat to help keep him/her warm. There just isn't enough body fat on the little babe to do the job. Interesting.

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