Monday, February 13, 2012

13 weeks and visit with auntie!

 My child is 3 months old! 

We all had a WONDERFUL time with Auntie Ciara visiting from Turkey!  It was a bummer I had to start back at work while she was here, but having her here made coming home that much more exciting!  We (mostly C) made dinners,  and got to craft (mostly C again...she made two quilts while she was here!). 
 The first weekend, we had a great time at a dinner party one of Dan's friends threw.  And in a weird coincidence, there were two other people with Turkey connections!
 Ciara got Harper a great Valentine's outfit - which she is showing off here.  Heart Breaker!

 We had a great visit and we already miss Ciara!  There is nothing like having family around.  And really, to get 11 whole days of her time makes me and Harp feel pretty special! 
We'll get to see Ciara again, hopefully this July/August when she's on her summer break.  Only a few months!

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