Sunday, February 5, 2012

Auntie Ciara!

 I mentioned my sister is here in my last post but it's really more like My sister is HERE!  YAY! 

We just got back from a weekend in Chicago.  It's always nice to go up, and especially so this time, as one of Dan's friends had a dinner party welcoming a friend from San Diego to Chicago.  I think it's easier to move when you know there are nice people there to welcome you.

The meal was great and the company was wonderful.  It was nice to introduce Ciara to some of the people I spend time with, as she won't have a chance to meet them at the wedding in May.

 These pictures, however, have nothing to do with dinner parties and everything to do with Harper's uncle Adam.  Adam wasn't able to make the trek from Turkey this time with Ciara, but he put in a special request for some photos where H isn't lying flat on the floor.  Harper can be seen in all of her happy, chubby baby glory!

We miss you uncle Adam!

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