Thursday, November 17, 2011

Amish Rocking Chair

Yesterday I got to feel just how attached I am to this little girl, who is just now a week old.

My dad is here visiting for a few days.  He has made a harrowing journey (again) from Washington state out to see me, then to see my brother in Boston, now back to see Harper, and will be going through North Dakota to help his brother.  When he came in the door on Tuesday he says, "You don't have a rocking chair!"  And then we made plans to remedy that.

Dad has made the acquaintance of a shop just south of Champaign called Amish Land.  It is a giant red barn and inside is furniture, food, and a playground of second hand goods.  Dad's name was recognized by the nice furniture sales lady - he's a regular and he lives in Washington state!

It takes about an hour and 10 minutes to get there from Bloomington, which meant figuring out some logistics.  Baby, Mom, car, milk, room for new furniture?  I had pumped some milk on the 15th, as breast feeding is a bit of a circus in the beginning stages,and Dan volunteered to take his first solo run watching Harper.  It seemed like the only compromise outside of taking two cars.

Everything turned out fine, but for the first 50 miles, I was saying over and over in my head, turn around, go home, too soon, what if we get in an accident, what if she won't take the bottle, what she won't stop crying... and on and on.  I was texting with Dan to see how things were going, and his first reply reinforced my dread.  After about 50 minutes, all was right again, with Harper fed and already back to sleep, but I couldn't wait to get home - and we weren't even half way done with our trek!

Amish Land was pretty amazing, however.  There were beautiful hand crafted pieces for kitchens, offices, bedrooms, and kids rooms.

And while we were gone, Dan did great at home.  He mastered the bottle warmer, gave Harper her first lesson in bottle feeding, and got her both changed and back to sleep.  Success!  When I walked in the door ( fast as a healing momma can rush) he was sashaying her about the room, bouncing and talking up a storm.  I gushed a bit for both of them.  :)

And so...The Chair!

This is the chair I picked.  It is already Kodak approved, as you can see.  In fact, every time I've gone to sit in my Harper-tamer, I've had to kick him out of it.  We will figure out where all of our furniture will get placed once the stream of visitors lessens, and I'm sure this will be a favorite landing spot for not just Kodak, but the whole fam.  I don't know if it looks it to you, but this is a super comfy chair!

Thanks Dad! 


  1. So, what I understand is, if I want a rocking chair, I need to have a baby... Is this accurate?

  2. Ha! You'll have to take that up with our father :)