Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Caring Neighbors

I have shared with some of you (over the phone) that Dan and I have the sweetest neighbors.  Ibrahim and Aysha have two small children and have been living across the hall from us for the last year or so.  Our friendship started last winter when Dan saw Ibrahim trying to scrap his windshield with a credit card.  Dan offered to let him use his scraper, and for the next few days, it was passed back and forth in the hallway until Ibrahim was able to pick up one of his own. 

As a thank you, Aysha sent her son over to our door to offer us dinner.  It was huge and delicious.  Later, for a holiday, they sent over more food.  We sent over some pumpkin scones (a food they had not had before).  When Ramadan was over, they sent over yet more food to celebrate the end of the fasting season.

Yesterday, the family came over to meet Harper.  Aziz, their son, was thrilled with the lazer pointer and how the cats would chase it, and their daughter, Dozi, was all giggles following the cats around the house.  Aysha gave me (specific to say not to share with Dan) small cinnamon rolls to help with healing ("cinnamon is very good for new mothers.") and as expected, they were delicious.  

Tonight, more food!  I finally thought to take a picture of it to show you just how thoughtful and kind this family is.  Aziz knocked on our door, "Are you home?  My mom wants to know if you want some Saudi food."  Then five minutes later, what you see above was sent over. 

We are very thankful that we have such kind people living near us. 


  1. Yummy! That picture looks like what we eat here. I'm so glad that you have people nearby looking out for you.

  2. that looks amazing! so yummy! Well i can only imagine how yummy, but i am putting it out there that it looks amazing!