Monday, June 17, 2013

Weeks pics 6/17

Lucky to have a water feature in a nearby park
I also feel lucky that Harper likes fruit. 
Reading Pete the Cat in her pillows.  Outfit from Grandpa Glen!  
Soon, we be jammin'!
Ran the Steamboat Classic 15K this last Saturday in Peoria with my pals.  Trish is pictured here.
More pals!  We all go to the same gym :)
And we were lucky to be invited to Trish's parent's house afterword to enjoy their pool.  And I won't lie, there were health does of tasty, tasty libations present also.  Harper loved, loved, loved the pool.  She did not partake in the the tasty, tasty beverages.
We're teaching her all the important skills. 
She looks like a little watering fairy to me with her butterfly romper on.
This was the best I could capture her process for putting her own pants on.  She doesn't say it yet, but her body language is clear, "I DO IT ALL BY MYSELF!"  Both legs are in one hole, but she's getting there.
So Illinois had a huge storm last Wednesday.  Bloomington didn't get rain, but the wind was brutal.  My friend John let me borrow his motorcycle goggles to play softball.  It was awesome, can't you tell?
She likes to drink her milk out of a mug now.  We're a devoted coffee family, and I'm not surprised she wants to join in the mug fun. 

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