Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week in pix 6/10

"Mom, just let me do it!" - in her head, of course.  It came out more of an, "Unnnnnn!" 
Harp was rockin' Moose Hair, thanks to Gma Linda and the adventures in her bathroom :)
We sing, we read books, we snack, we nap, and when all of that doesn't get us back home, sometimes we Nook.
So, I finally planted some stuff.
We will be able to see her growth as compared do these drawers.
More Moose Hair, and then, she saw the camera. 
Harper is quite skilled in following directions.  I showed her the basic jist of our planting plan, and she went to it.
Sometimes, she just wants to be in the frige.  She still can't open the door on her own, so our energy bill is safe for now.  Once she's old enough to really scrub, she's my go-to-gal for cleanin' this bad boy out.
Buckets are the best.
Walking home after the 57th street Art Fair.  She was cold, and wet.  Dads are good heaters though, so the walk wasn't too bad.
View from Doula training.  Such an amazing time.
It wasn't planned, but we had Pesto Pasta with Peas and Pepper.  We made it the "P" day, and tried to say as many things starting with "P" as possible.  It was practically preposterous!

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