Friday, June 28, 2013

Week's pics 6/28

Attended my first birth this week as a doula.  Momma labored for 28 hours before going in for a c-section.
Harper came with me to visit the new mom the morning after the birth.  She was more impressed with the stairs than the baby.
It's hot. 
We must get wet whenever possible.
Really, really wet.
There is no time to change, just soak me mom!
Dan is trying new things because of our grill.  It was a great purchase.
I'm calling the sport we played today, foosketball.  And yes, four necklaces are part of the uniform.
Pointing out letters she recognizes: O and A
Harper got a thank you card in the mail, and wouldn't put it down for a few hours.  Just kept opening the envelope, pulling it out, then putting it back in. 

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