Monday, January 14, 2013

Visit with friends - Tricia, Taylor, and Claire!


 I was so happy to spend the day with Tricia, Claire, and Taylor at Taylor's wrestling match in Cheney.  It was a huge flash back to when my brother was a wrestler - the smelly, the noise, the waiting, the adrenaline of take downs, reversals, and hopefully, pins. 

 I have a huge place in my heart for Claire and Taylor.  I used to watch them when they were wee ones (I got to be in the room when Claire was born!) and can't believe Taylor is a senior in high school already!  They have blown me away in my visits with them - both so fun, respectful, and smart people. 

 Harper was also smitten with Claire :)

 It was also wonderful to spend some time with Tricia.  I have always felt so loved by her when going through the trials of growing up, and now it is wonderful to call her a friend.  She has such a big heart and I can't wait to visit them all again when we go back to Washington. 

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  1. yay extended family - gotta love when kids you babysat turn into productive members of society! :)