Monday, January 14, 2013

Back at home - black eyes and well, life

 So.  Yeah.  Harper has a black eye.  This is after falling in WA on a canning jar ring and having a bruise from that.  Then, yesterday while Oscar was over, she fell on her face, and her front two teeth started bleeding.  Oi.  Don't worry, all is fine.  Please don't call DCFS.  We love our toddler!  We are not abusing our child!

After lunch two days ago, Harper pulled the stool toward her, and couldn't stop it from falling.  I saw the whole thing from the edge of the room.  It was that moment where I lunge, I try to catch it, but I'm too stinking far away to be of any good.  The seat of the stool landed on her face.  She cried.  I felt/feel horrible.

We have made adjustments to the placement of said stool.

 She doesn't yet know how to flex her biceps, but imagine if she did.  Wouldn't she be a sight?  Dresses and muscles.  Word.

 The cats are glad we're home.  They are never more than a few feet away (closer to the truth, they are sometimes literally underfoot.)

 Day three of black eye.  It's going through the rainbow.  First purple.  The edge is now green/yellow, and the bride of her nose is in the purple/black stage.

Roar!  Wearing her new dino shirt like a Boss.

There are always smiles close by when we bust out the sunglasses. 

Harper is soooo coooool.


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