Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holidays and Visiting WA

 At the Swift house, getting ready for Christmas means making sticky buns.  Yum!

 Harper with her dad.  Harper is teething.  I don't know what Dan's excuse is :)

 Harp was taken with his raindeer playing a saxaphone...
 ...and the kitchen that is just her size!  Thanks Joan!

 Harper in action!  Being chased by Grandpa Gus.
 At the cousin dessert gathering.  She wasn't shy - proven later as she plopped down with Emily to explore her iPhone.
 In Washington!
Here to visit with Auntie Ciara and Uncle Adam before they go back to Turkey and Seattle, respectively.

 The ladies with their festive red pants.
 Harper reaching for some dried apples.

 She and Grandpa Glen had a blast playing with a flashing, wailing, fire chief car. 

 Harper enjoying her throne...
 ...and her uncle!

 With Grandma Renee and Grandpa Martin!

 The kid loves her green beans.

 Harper's first day of 2013 and her first outing to play in snow! 

 Harper tracks.

 Super cute little wet snow boots.

 Goodbyes with my sister and Adam :(


I'll be in Washing for another week and I'm hoping to have more pictures of visits with friends soon!


  1. love! looks like a great start to 2013 for you :o) Maybe we should try and hang out one weekend, might be able to make a trip up north to see you fabulous people after the snow thaws :)

    1. We should try for sure! I would love some Sarah time!

    2. for sure :) happy birthday now, cuz apparently it takes me this long to find responses haha