Sunday, January 22, 2012

She's a weed, and, is it crib time?

My daughter is 10.5 weeks old, and yesterday  I dressed her in 6 month-sized clothing.  There are still a few outfits in the 3 month range that fit her, but for the most part, she is stretching those to their limit.  Probably by tomorrow or the next day they will be toast!
Her first days as a little dino!

I didn't think this much growth was possible while only feeding her with breast milk, but here I am, sorting through her clothes (again), putting those that are too small in their appropriate bin.  (This may be too much info, but, I'm so proud of my boobs!)

She's ready to take on King Kong!

All this growth also means something else - she has almost out grown her bassinet.  I'm not ready for her to be in her crib, but I might not have a choice!  Ciara is coming for the first part of February and we weren't going to put the crib together until after she leaves (thus freeing up the second bedroom).  But, if this keeps up, it may be an activity Ciara can help with.

So now I'm wondering, how will this next transition go?  Bassinet to crib could be tough.

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