Friday, January 6, 2012

Our other children

Since Harper was born, I have been occupied with her.  I love getting to snuggle her before, during, and after nap time, rocking her to sleep, playing with her, taking her pictures, and generally being her #1 fan.  However, this has meant that my furry babies have been getting used to a new, less available momma. 

Baxter, seen in these photos with Dan, used to be my snuggle partner.  He would follow me around the house, snooze with me on the couch, and yes, even sleep with us at night.  He is a wonderful cat! 

Since our routine no longer exists, he has taken a stand against his "solitary confinement" and has latched on to Dan.  He now follows HIM around the house, is quick to jump in HIS lap when he's sitting, and runs to the door when HE comes home from being away (even if it's quick cigarette break!).

Today Harper is napping at the same time Baxter is napping, and so, world, you get to see how cute my cat (and my husband!) are.  

(Kodak and Comma are still here too, but they go UN-pictured today.)

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  1. O my little Baxter - all the adventures he has had and I am betting this adventure is is favorite :O)