Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wearing Cloth

I posted a while back about finding cloth diapers.  Well, today I took the plunge and put the things to work!  My friend Meryl had loaned us cloth diapers of the newborn variety, but with traveling to Chicago for Thanksgiving and the overall business of being a new mom, we didn't end up using those.  And now Harper is big enough to fit into her Bum Genius cloth (already!). 

And today went well.  We only took a short trip to Audrey's house, then to a local cheese farm (for part of Dan's birthday present).  She did her business and the diapers held, with no blow-outs or leaks.  Success!  The diapers still look a bit weird on her, as they are a bit bulky in their "small" size, but that was expected. 

We now will begin the whole process.  Updates will be posted on major events in this area :)  We will now get out wet bags for laundering, and maybe some smaller ones for on-the-go, and then we will be a cloth diapering family!  (I don't know what we will do when we visit the fam in Chicago...we still have several packages of disposables to go through, so we may forgo using them over this coming holiday...hmmmm...)


  1. I think babies look SO cute in cloth diapers!

  2. I totally agree! But really, I think baby bottoms in diapers are great all around!