Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 38!

I'm in week 38!  Holy moly!  This past week (just before we were going to put it in the car) one of the cats decided to pee in the car seat.  Yuck.  However, I know how to take apart and put back together that contraption now.  We'll see if the smell is fully out after it sits in that little closed space for a few days.
I'm having a harder time getting around.  I'm swollen.  Bending over is iffy.  Dan gets to (read: has to) help me put my socks on.  At the end of the day there is a hilarious line where my calves are puffy up to my socks.  *It's a bit creepy actually.  I mean, do I really have that much extra fluid in me? 

So.  Two weeks is what they say.  Anyone taking bets on when she'll pop?


  1. Love your shirt! Just bought one myself :)

    I'm thinking two days early. But that's just me!

    Holy crap! She'll be here soon! I'm exited and giddy and happy and uber-stoked for you :)

  2. I'm betting things will go as planned and she will start coming on her due date. I mean, come on, she is your child and you are always on time!

    If anything, she will arrive after the due date by a few hours because that's how first kids go, right?

    I agree with Meryl that you look uber cute in that shirt!

    Love you tons.