Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bum Geniuses!

It's been a bum filled weekend!  Dan and I picked up our bum genius diapers yesterday from Pinstripes and Polkadots .  Their website has a ton of useful info on all aspects of cloth diapering, so feel free to educate yourself.  An interesting thing I found out is the diapers become more absorbent the more they are washed (similar to new towels...they don't soak up so good when they are new!).  So part of getting ready for baby is to wash these little guys on hot 3-5 times.

It's also not recommended to use dryer sheets because of the film they can leave of them (them being the diapers and your the sensitive child), and over time that film can mean the integrity of the diapers is weakened.  So, we are using these now:

There is still a bit of static, but not anything to get upset about.  Dan is a bit sad that we won't have yummy smelling clothes as they come out of the dryer for a few years, but we will make due.

Today!  There were two projects this morning: Dan wanted to learn how to make scones, and I installed the sprayer on the toilet.  And it was all done before 10:30!  We are amazing!

Dan made cranberry orange and pumpkin.   (drool.....)  He is a good student!  

Piles of Scones!

 If you want to see my sprayer installation, there are pictures below.  It was super easy, took NO TOOLS, and I only had to move one cat. 

This is the new little bathroom sprayer.  It's very similar to the nozzle that is on a kitchen sink.

These are all of the parts.
Start by turning the water off to the toilet and flushing once to get the water out of the line.  Put a small bowl and some paper towels under the fitting before you unscrew it. 
Line the teeth up so the new fitting screws on properly, and "hand tighten" - that is, don't kill yourself to get it tight.  The rubber washer in the threads will keep it from leaking.  *Not shown: attach the hose.  This has a great teeth grip that will let you push the hose in but not pull it out.  The part with the bright blue spot on it is the shut off valve for the sprayer.  Don't turn it on until you stick the other end of the hose in the spray nozzle. 

You can see the hose in the nozzle.  All that's left is the nozzle hanger!  Remove cat from tank lid and slip the plastic hook over the edge.  Put lid back on.
Turn on sprayer valve and spray!  It works!  If it doesn't work, that's because I forgot to turn the water line back on.  Do that and check under the toilet to see if any parts need to be tightened a bit more, then proceed to have a water fight. 

Or, just hang the nozzle on the toilet. 
Feel free to replace cat on top of toilet, but if yours is like mine he will replace himself. 

 Great right?!  Now when the poo starts flying (hopefully not literally) we have a tool at our disposal.  Just because we're using cloth diapers doesn't mean we like poo any more than you do.

Have a good day!

And PS - A huge congratulations to Julie and Jamie on the arrival of their baby girl, Allison Nicole!  Yay babies and friends having babies!

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