Sunday, March 20, 2011


I feel like I've been acting rather rational and calm through all of this so far. When I first found out I was a bit hysterical but after that initial 15 minutes all has been smooth sailing - emotionally.

I'm still trying to figure out my stomach. Last week I had crazy need-to-have-this-instant cravings for chicken. On Thursday, I tried to plan ahead a little bit, and bought a rotisserie chicken from the deli with the plan to tear it apart and take it for lunch, snacks, or when ever that next crazy need happened to show up.

Well, I got it home and the moment I took it out of the bag and set it on the counter, I wanted nothing to do with the bird. The idea of sticking my fingers into it to work it apart, and then eating that meaty flesh, completely turned me off. I can't even look at it now.

Dan just came home from Chicago and I had to tell him my need-to-have-it, then now-I-can't-stand-it switch. To his credit, he said if that is the kind of impulse buying is in my pregnant future, he can handle it. Just no new cars. :)

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