Monday, October 22, 2012

Visit for Grampa Gus's Birthday

 We took a visit up to Chicago to celebrate Grandpa Gus's birthday.  It was a great fall weekend, with the leaves showing off and only needing a light jacket. 

 We spend a lot of time in the kitchen when we visit, as I think, a lot of families do.  Harper loves to "help" load the dish washer and play with the magnets on the refrigerator 

Linda usually takes Harper out for a morning walk, and we decided to pull out some of the winter wear, as it was a bit brisk for the wee one.  

 Plus, the kitchen has a huge runway for crawling (and some walking)!

Happy birthday Gus!

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  1. I think we can make her the Gerber Baby - I mean way cuter then the original and then she gets free food probably :O) Loving the outfits too! She is such a fashion forward kid!