Friday, July 18, 2014

Blogs all over

Hello lovely people. 

Life is being lived over here! 

I have gotten some complaints that I never post on this blog, but let me assure, you it is for good reason!  I am happy to say that my doula work has been keeping me busy!  Part of my commitment to growing my business is to have a blog for my website, and it has only been two posts, but the response has been great! 

If you are curious, take a peek  --->  A Swift Doula Blog

Other fantastic and exciting things in our lives - Mr. Swift accepted a job offer yesterday, and he is already off on his new schedule today!  He appreciates me sharing close to nothing about him, so no details here :)

Harper is also getting excited about starting day care again in September.  She is soooo ready to have close friends here.  For example, we were at Oz Park on the north side today, and she found another 2.5 year old and they held hands, hugged, and pulled each other all over that play ground.  It must be hard being the only little person in the house!

We also just had a great visit to Washington.  I'll try to post some pictures when I find/unpack my cords. 

Enjoy my blog and if you know any pregnant women in Chicago, feel free to give out my name and info! 

Ariel Swift, Birth Doula!  Here is my website if you want to share it! --->  A Swift Doula


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