Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life in the Vortex

 We are not yet in our apartment.  Yesterday we received an update that it would be at least two weeks before the cold water would be working (ie: toilets can flush) and then another 4 to get the hot.  We are rolling with the punches. 

At least this time we aren't getting our hopes up every 3 days that there might be change. 

Harper seems to be fine with all the mess, as it's doubtless she even realizes anything is amiss. 

 There are pictures to color and sticker!  There are light switches to turn on and off!  There are pots to stir!

 In the last 6 weeks, there has been encouraging movement with my doula business.  I am now volunteering with Chicago Volunteer Doulas!  I've also met a handful of women that are encouraging me and helping me navigate this very large birth community. 

 Harper and I took a two day trip to Bloomington to visit friends - above is the only shot that is worth showing from that time. 

 And then the superbowl happened - Go Seahawks!

So, we are still here.  In snowy Chicago.  Perhaps next update will be from the comfort of our heated and water-running apartment!

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