Thursday, December 19, 2013

My adorable daughter, and thoughts on potty training

 These pictures are from our friends wedding this past summer, but I just got my hands on them.  Are they just lovely?  She has changed so much in 6 months.  *tear*

In other news, we are packing and moving.  Why not move to Chicago in winter? 

One positive side effect of all this crazy, is Harper seems to enjoy the freedom she has: she draws on the boxes, refuses to wear pants, and only wants to eat peanut butter and pancakes.  With food coloring.  Green, or blue pancakes are now the menu item for second-breakfast.  AND, she has felt empowered to potty.  Without pants, I've put her panties on and we're doin' this potty thing.  It's awesome.  Sometimes we use the timer, sometimes we go with the flow (ha!), sometimes we do diapers, but she is telling me more often when she needs to go, and she is starting to understand that she needs to push her panties down before sitting.  Progress! 

A down side of our new apartment is we no longer have in-home laundry.  So this all couldn't come at a better time. 

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